Service FAQ

1. Importance of servicing at your dealership?
Servicing at dealership ensures that Mazda trained technicians complete all manufacturers expected services during visits. We are also able to ensure that all outstanding recalls/manufacturers special programs are completed as required. A warranty repairs can only be completed by a Mazda dealership.
All repairs on vehicles, excluding manufacturers warranty for off-make brands and all regular maintenance service requirements. While your in for service, we offer complimentary WiFi, shuttles, loaner vehicles, and a comfortable waiting room.
A multi-point inspection includes brake pad and rotor inspection, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant level inspection, tire tread depth and tire pressure check, battery load test, all chassie bolts, all door locks, all hinges, inspection of all suspension and related parts.
Mazda vehicles Pre 2017 4 months / 8,000km whichever comes first

Mazda 2017-2019 6 months / 8,000 km whichever comes first

Mazda 2019 M3 12 month / 8,000
Most new vehicle take full synthetic oil, some of the older can still be serviced with semi synthetic but we try to encourage all vehicles move to full synthetic as it promotes easier car starts during the winter on older vehicles and is now competitively priced.
The price of an oil change starts at $95.95 + tax.
Yes, we do offer Spa Packages to get your vehicle looking fresh like the day you got it! We have three different Spa Packages depending on the level of cleanup you are looking for. They start as low as $99 + HST. Give us a call for more details.
No we have several preferred shops but we do not complete any collision repair on site
We sell all Domestic Brands and have access to offshore tires.
We sell Mazda OEM parts and accessories, second line parts, and may have some after market available.