Vehicle Financing at Palladino Lending Solutions

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Vehicle Financing at Palladino Lending Solutions

North Bay Mazda understands that not everyone can have perfect credit. As such, we’re happy to direct you toward another member of the prestigious Palladino Auto Group, Palladino Lending Solutions for when you have subprime credit and want to see it improve. From their Return To Prime program, to their cash-in-hand vehicle referral program and extensive expertise in all things financing, you can trust the team over at Palladino Lending Solutions to come up with a solution to your credit problems. Read on to learn more.



Ontario’s Top Choice for Vehicle Finance 

The team at Palladino Lending Solutions is composed of a number of vehicle financing experts that want to see your credit situation improve. That’s why solutions is the final word in their name, as they’re the final word in credit solutions. From helping you find a loan with excellent interest rates, to providing tips on how to keep rebuilding your credit, Palladino Lending Solutions has quickly become Ontario’s top choice when it comes to vehicle financing. Throw in their access to the inventory of the Palladino Auto Group’s 11 dealerships, and you’re sure to get behind the wheel of the right vehicle for your needs at a price you can afford.

Return To Prime

Beyond their years of experience and extensive inventory, Palladino Lending Solutions offers a unique program they’ve called Return To Prime. While most dealerships trafficking in subprime customers are just as happy repossessing a vehicle as they are seeing you make your payments on time, PLS wants to see you improve your credit rating. The reality is, they can’t get you a lower rate right off the bat if your credit rating is poor, but thanks to Return To Prime your interest rate will shrink year-over-year as long as you make your payments on time. That means you can actually benefit from your improving credit right away, as opposed to when you’ve paid off your loan. Wondering why you should choose Palladino Lending Solutions? Well, the Return To Prime program is a one-of-a-kind way to be rewarded for working so hard to improve your credit score.

Referral Program

Another way that Palladino Lending Solutions goes above and beyond to help their customers, is their vehicle purchasing referral program. Whether you’ve got a friend, family member, or co-worker in need of a new vehicle, you can send them to Palladino Lending Solutions for an excellent experience—and if they purchase a vehicle, you can get up to $500 cash for sending them there. Simply ask a member of the Palladino Lending Solutions team for more information on how you can start earning money by referring people to purchase their next new ride from Palladino Lending Solutions. 

Learn More About Vehicle Financing

All dealerships and vehicle financing institutions will tell you that they’re trustworthy, but few put their cards right on the table like Palladino Lending Solutions. Check out their website and explore their FAQ page and blog for current, transparent information on all things vehicle finance-related, so that you can shop with confidence when it comes time to getting your next vehicle loan. 


Being a part of the Palladino Auto Group has its perks, from the trust earned by almost 50 years of serving communities across Ontario to being able to work with the team at Palladino Lending Solutions, and North Bay Mazda is proud to do it all. So if you’re looking for a new vehicle but you’re not sure your credit score will allow it, talk to the good folks at Palladino Lending Solutions first for a fair and honest assessment of how you can get behind the wheel. Just click the button below to visit the Palladino Lending Solutions site, and begin your credit application today!